Meyke with Bickel (Border Terrier)

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Our dog Bickel started at OhMyDog with a puppy course and it was a very nice experience!
So we decided to also participate in the follow-up class (obedience training). We started out on the field in Corona time in a group of 5 dogs. As the lockdown was later announced, the group size was adjusted to allow our lessons to go on. When even small groups became disallowed, we continued the training on-line. They went above and beyond with their on-line lessons! OhMyDog managed to navigate the restrictions and put together on-line classes in no time; and Bickel continued to take great steps forward during the on-line classes.
It was great to keep him learning. The on-line lessons were actually very nice, because it enabled us to put the finishing touches to Bickel’s training in our home environment, thanks to the involvement of the trainers and the personal tips we received. We are already looking forward to the next training!