Nicolette met Lea (Cocker Spaniel x Gordon Setter)

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Because Lea came from a puppy mill, she already had quite a lot of baggage by the time we got her – scared of people and scared of playing among other things. We decided, together with OhMyDog, to start with a test lesson, and only then we went for the full course.

Her background was always taken into account during the lessons. We were put in together with a really nice gropu and, despite the fact that this was a group course, there was enough space to get personal advice.

We (Lea and myself) have benefited so much from the positive approach: that is how to get her out of her shell. I can proudly say that Lea passed her course exam. Whilst my initial idea was to just have her get more acquainted with other dogs and people, Elise (our trainer) helped us reach much more.

We are definitely signing up for a follow-up course.