Peter with Harry (Labrador)

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Harry is a six-year-old labrador whose previous owners couldn’t afford to look after him anymore. They hadn’t taught him a thing: he didn’t even know how to walk up stairs, nevermind listen to us. After weeks of trying myself, I decided to take him to training class. Harry is one of our three labs and is no problem at home, but he’s a disaster outside where he feels uneasy, can’t concentrate and barks nervously at anyone. The school took direct measures to shield him from what made him bark, so that he could join on the exercise.

The lessons were given in Dutch and English. In a city full of expats, that can be handy. Harry learnt a lot in a short time. The group sizes was small so you could get a lot of individual coaching. The theory evening was also new to me, and definitely also something I recommend. Much information and additional guidance through mail too.

In short a pleasant class on a pleasant field with green places nearby to let your dog out before or after the lesson. Also, easy parking.

Harry still finds it hard to concentrate and is still quite insecure, but he has improved quite a bit through this training, and now he listens to me. We now have a basis upon which to expand.