Tonya with Mila (Viszla)

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The puppy course taught me some important basics on how to be a good dog owner, and how I need to behave to teach my dog to be a good social dog, and to keep her safe. There was enough breadth of topics, yet consistency in approach, mix of theory and practice, that helped translate theory into results. I only wish I could have started earlier than 5 months.

In parallel, I was learning that there are other schools of thought who may consider this school approach “too positive”, especially for a hunting breed. Struggling with the pulling on the line behaviour, I tried another trainer with a super strict approach. While we got immediate obedience at first, the results didn’t last, which reminded me a simple truth that there are no shortcuts and what you put in, you get back.
Will be continuing with Oh My Dog and their modern, scientific and positive approach.