Yvonne with Pippin (Maltipoo)

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Highly recommend! I have consciously chosen for OhMyDog to do my puppy classes with Pippin. The dog training school really stood out for me when I was comparing: the vision, and the sharing of their knowledge about dog behaviour and how you can raise your puppy in a positive way and give them the best start possible.

That did mean driving up and down from Delft, but it was worth it and they really did meet my expectations.

Pjotr made sure the first lessons were fun and at an accessible level. He really took the time, after every lesson, to answer my questions and help me with my uncertainties. I have learnt to really look at my dog, to see what he needs. I have learnt to see which learning tempo he is ready for, and to recognize his boundaries. I have also learnt that learning together, and developing together, is really nice! Each lesson was a joy!

After that, I got private lessons from Romy. Her personal approach and calm, positive manners when coaching have really helped me and Pippin through a couple of difficult weeks during his puppy phase. These lessons were so valuable, and have really deepened the bond between me and Pippin. Think, for example, of brushing your dog (which was a disaster). Thanks to the coaching, Pippin now happily sits or lies down and lets me brush him, to the point that it’s become quality time for us. I had never expected that.

Pippin has, in the meantime, got his Obedience 1 diploma (this time, with Stephanie). During this course again, I was so impressed with how much knowledge was shared with the students! It was also really good to be able to ask Stephanie questions every week. Her knowledge about dog behaviour is enormous, and she can communicate her points to the group clearly. Because the groups are small, there is room for interaction, personal attention, and beelining to another topic once in a while.

Pippin and I are absolutely moving on to door Obedience 2 at OhMyDog’s, and, who knows, maybe even more lessons in the future.