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  • Gulsan Ergul with Ogul-Dai (Akita)

    Gulsan Ergul with Ogul-Dai (Akita)

    We have enjoyed the training and learnt so much out of it. My dog (akita) liked the training and eventually passed his exam! We will continue with the follow up trainings.

  • Monique with Charlie (Cocker Spaniel)

    Monique with Charlie (Cocker Spaniel)

    I have just completed my puppy course: it was super informative and I’ve learnt a lot, thank you so much, Sylvia, for all the nice lessons!

  • Anton with Odin (Emperor poodle)

    Anton with Odin (Emperor poodle)

    Have just completed first puppy class with Odin here. Sylvia (who gave the course) knows what she is doing, and gives nice lessons. All dogs loved her by the way! Odin was a fairly active dog, but, partly thanks to the course, he is a lot calmer now, even sweeter, and more obedient. I definitely […]

  • Saskia with Molly (French bulldog)

    Saskia with Molly (French bulldog)

    Just had a private training with our 2nd puppy Molly, and, once again, it was informative and very nice. What I really like about the private training is that Stephanie can also see our home situation, partly because it is our 2nd dog. Stephanie gave us great tips on how to deal with 2 dogs, […]

  • Lucy with Ted (doodle)

    Lucy with Ted (doodle)

    We have followed super nice lessons with our puppy Ted, with Romy as our instructor! The location is great (there are always parking spaces), they train in small groups and you get lots of positive and individual attention. Ted really enjoyed it, and we learned a lot ourselves. You can also ask questions about things […]

  • Joop with Jesko (Schapendoes)

    Joop with Jesko (Schapendoes)

    Jesko has followed the Obedience course with .. OhMyDog .. with great results. The course, led by Yvonne, was a revelation from the first moment. Yvonne has opened my eyes to what you can achieve with patience and respect. The course exercises were relevant, and Jesko and his dog colleagues were the top priority. Aside […]

  • Tamsin with Chroma (Border Collie)

    Tamsin with Chroma (Border Collie)

    Chroma, the most playful, adventurous Border Collie, loved every moment of his classes at OhMyDog! – including the extra attention he received after getting a small stick stuck in the roof of his mouth during one class when he got a bit distracted. He was very lucky to have a quick thinking teacher (Laure-Anne) and […]

  • Jamaica and George (whippet x greyhound cross)

    Jamaica and George (whippet x greyhound cross)

    My puppy George and I have followed the puppy training by instructor Pjotr. I recommend it to everyone! The groups are small and well-organized, and there is a lot of space and time for individual attention. The training courses are set up in a positive way and all important topics are covered. At first, George […]

  • Sandra with Otis (Boulab)

    Sandra with Otis (Boulab)

    We took Otis to OhMyDog’s puppy classes and we found it a nice experience. The location is nice (green, but with parking at the door) and the training was professional. There is room for personal experiences and for asking questions. The topics that were tackled gelled really well with our daily life as pup and […]

  • Fabien with Orochi (Shiba)

    Fabien with Orochi (Shiba)

    Nearly 6 months have passed since our beautiful Orochi passed into the expert hands of Laure-Anne, during the “Obedience level 1” classes. The lessons went really well and Laura-Anne was such a great listener! Other plus point: she speaks French as well as English 🙂 Results: Orochi listens perfectly well, is attentive to us and […]