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  • Elodie with Yoko (Border Collie / Australian Shepherd)

    Elodie with Yoko (Border Collie / Australian Shepherd)

    The right approach for dog training! Thanks to the team. Our puppy Yoko knows now the basics with the puppy training and we can enjoy a healthy bond with him! Next step the obedience!

  • Nikola with Bobbie (Dachshund)

    Nikola with Bobbie (Dachshund)

    Today we finished the puppy class. We are very pleased about the lessons. We received a lot of useful tips. The trainers explain everything in a way that’s very clear. They also take the time to help with finding the cause/course of action if there is a problem.  In other words: very nice experience!!  

  • André with Rover (Shiba Inu)

    André with Rover (Shiba Inu)

    Very nice dog training school in The Hague with a practical location with plenty of space.  Instructors with passion, good learning material presented in a way that’s clear and easy to understand, with practical exercises that were repeated often,  What I liked most of all, was that our dog Rover had so much fun and […]

  • Monique with Bobbi (kruising)

    Monique with Bobbi (kruising)

    At OhMyDog! we learned a lot with our puppy Bobbi in a way that was relaxing for both Bobbi and ourselves. They do not rush to tell you the main points of interest, but they take the time to explain with genuine interest, Stephanie and her team made contact with the dog and owner and […]

  • Yuning with Pocky (Keeshond and Sheltie mix)

    Yuning with Pocky (Keeshond and Sheltie mix)

    Pocky and I did the puppy course in June and we finished the obedience1 course just last week, we absolutely enjoyed every class (both trainers were very professional and friendly towards dogs, and they were super helpful to answer all the questions and share some useful tips, which helped a lot!). It’s the first time […]

  • Elly with Raya (rescue dog)

    Elly with Raya (rescue dog)

    Do As I Do, such fun course! Not easy, but we learnt a lot! Thank you Laure for your intensive, understanding guidance Greetings Elly and Raya

  • Demi with Edo (French Bulldog)

    Demi with Edo (French Bulldog)

    We had a great experience with our Frenchie pup at the Puppy Programme. Indre was our trainer and she was so great with our pup, helped us with extra questions we had and was super patient with us. We had a great time and learnt a lot. Definitely recommend to other dog owners, especially expats […]

  • Jan-Marten with Otis (Boulab)

    Jan-Marten with Otis (Boulab)

    We have just completed our third course with Ohmydog, and it has been a party again! We learnt useful skills again, but you mainly learn how to continue teaching your dog things yourself. The advice (from Stephanie or Yvonne) was solid. When Otis and I got stuck, their analysis and suggestion always hit the mark […]

  • Ari with Daisy (Shiba Inu)

    Ari with Daisy (Shiba Inu)

    xcellent dog school! We took our Shiba Inu puppy to the puppy classes and she absolutely loved them and also learned a lot. The staff are super friendly and know what they are doing. Overall we had a really good experience and they really helped us in training our pup.

  • Romano and Poema (Toller)

    Romano and Poema (Toller)

    Puppy training was a very enjoyable and educational exercise. A lot of personal attention and answers to all my questions. A+