OhMyDog! Charity drive to the Rijswijk dog shelter

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[update from 14 August 2015: They did it!!! The Julialaantje shelter can stay open!!!]

As some of you might know, the Julialaantje shelter in Rijswijk is in deep trouble. They started off on a shoestring and, against all odds, have provided shelter to countless abandonned animals. But after years and years and years of managing through incredible resourcefulness in what was only meant to be a temporary structure, they no longer meet government regulations. Their facilities are also far too small for the sheer volume of animals that go through their doors.


The Julialaantje has until the summer 2015 to come up with an enormous sum in order to fund the compulsory renovation work. This isn’t a question of mismanagement or lack of foresight, but making do for too long on a shoestring.

This is why OhMyDog! organized a charity drive early February. Boy did our students stand up. Thank you SO much for your generous donations. Thanks to you, we have been able to give the shelter food, dog toys and blankets.

As the Julialaantje would say in their Word ‘n Held campaign: You were true heroes.



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