Seminar about dogs and fear for OhMyDog! trainers

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The team is just back from a seminar on fear and dogs by Monique Bladder.

The seminar was given by Monique Bladder, a huge name in the Netherlands. Monique has a postgraduate in applied animal behaviour (just like some of our team members), has years and years of experience running private and group dog training classes, is a certified CBATI instructor and renown behaviour therapist. What I respect the most about my colleague, Monique, is her ability to make science come to life.

Monique Bladder

We were really happy that our team could attend the seminar! We love to keep our trainers up to date on the latest concepts in dog behaviour. During the seminar, the team learnt all about recognizing early signs of fear, common causes for it, what sort of behaviour problems it can create, and how to deal with them.

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