Welcome to our latest Dog Trainer, Carolien!

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Carolien is one of our valued team members at OhMyDog! Like all her colleagues, she came to us with specialist training and professional experience in dog behaviour. But we don’t just ask for credentials and experience, we also ask applicant trainers to be intelligent and sociable.

As if that wasn’t enough, we put them through a trial period, during which we test their skills in the art and science of Behaviour Coaching: quickly identifying potential problems with the dogs in class, and immediately helping out before the owner has a chance to get off-track.

Below is the heart-felt announcement we wrote when Carolien was invited for a position as Trainer). We wanted to save it here for posterity.

Carolien and her dog Siep
Carolien and her dog Siep

Congratulations to our Carolien, who became our first external trainer after her evaluation last night.

She started off combining volunteering for OhMyDog! with her dog training position for other schools. We then offered her to teach classes for us too. Last night, we evaluated her skills and she passed the criteria with flying colours – and taught us new tips in the process.

Thank you Carolien for your fab one-liners and for your warmth, curiosity and know-how. Thank you for being your hilarious self, and for bringing style and femininity to dog training. Proud to count you as a dog training instructor and looking forward to your lessons.

Laure-Anne and Nicolle

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