Welcome to our latest trainer: Sabine!

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Sabine is one of our valued team members at OhMyDog! Like all her colleagues, she came to us with a specialist education and a ton of professional experience in dog behaviour. But we don’t just ask for credentials and experience, we also ask applicant trainers to be intelligent and sociable.

As if that wasn’t enough, we put them through a trial period during they demonstrate they are skilled in the art and science of Behaviour Coaching: quickly identifying potential problems with the dogs in class, and immediately helping out before the owner has a chance to get off-track.

Below is the heart-felt announcement we wrote when Sabine completed her trial period, and got offered to teach her own classes. We wanted to save it here for posterity.

Sabine Boks

Congratulations to Sabine Boks, who has just been officially invited to lead her own dog training classes for OhMyDog.

This is the result of a long trial period during which she always turned up on the clock, come rain or shine and braved a two-hour round trip. She then put herself through our official ten-week trial period with stringent performance criteria on all three sides of the dog training equation: academic soundness, client rapport, and dog welfare.

Sabine came to us with an incredible CV: an animal care lecturer, a MSc in behaviour biology, and a background in training working dogs.

She has gotten us to question dogmas and is always one to raise a profound point of theory. Sabine’s teaching style is genuine, confident, and calm, and she has been the saving angel of many a student during their dog’s more challenging moments.

We are proud to count Sabine as an OhMyDog trainer and we are very much looking forward to her lessons!

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