Congratulations on your graduation, obedience 1 students!

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Congratulations to our latest batch of obedience 1 graduates! During this class, our students have learnt to:

  • reliably sit, even with a distraction
  • down
  • reliable leave it, at just a whisper and even with a happy voice.
  • reliable let go/drop it, even when the dog is very excited
  • emergency recall: upon hearing that sound, the dogs come charging back to their owner, even if there are distractions around
  • walk on a loose leash on command, rather than drag their owners around

And all this without a hint of force of intimidation. The dogs were wagging their tails every Wednesday whenever they walked in.

Now that spring is around the corner, it’s onto obedience 2 for our brave bunch! Here’s hoping for much better weather.

To register for a class with us, you can click here. U kunt zich hier inschrijven voor een van onze klassen.

Billy and Tinka
Tripel, Boris, Midas en Jet

Photos courtesy of Christina Argirova, one of our interns.

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