Vaccinations stickers for dogs at our training school

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Read this post if who are interested in the vaccinations stickers we look for when we check your dog’s vaccination book.

Why vaccinations: Your dog and his classmates have exclusive use of our dog training yard in The Hague: no other dogs have access. This makes it safe for the pups who are too young to have completed their vaccination rounds, or for other immuno-vulnerable dogs.

To keep a safe training environment, we rely on all our students being up-to-date on their vaccinations (including for kennel cough).

Vaccination stickers we need: These are the stickers we want to see in your vaccination book (kennel cough is optional). They follow standard vet recommendations.



Don’t want to vaccinate? If you are hesitating to have your dog vaccinated, please see the Canis bonus op-ed piece reviewing popular objections. And OhMyDog puppy students don’t worry about the stress of veterinary procedures of course, what with all the vet exercises we get you to do at home.

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