OhMyDog is expanding to Monday nights, and announcing a new Advanced Obedience course

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Due to sustained demand for more classes, we have trained more instructors and secured the training space for an additional night every week: Monday evenings!

From 4 March, OhMyDog will also give some of its classes on Monday evenings, in addition to the Wednesday evenings.

That evening, we will be giving the Advanced obedience classes (in a combined language class in Dutch and English), and we’ll be adding puppy classes, as we were getting waiting lists for the pups again, despite having opened a third puppy class on the Wednesday.

This is in great part thanks to my fabulous team, who have worked tirelessly to get trained up to my insane standards! We have been working together on this project for months, and are so happy it is coming to fruition!

We are already taking registrations for the Monday Advanced obedience class. To register, click here. We will give priority to the OhMyDog students who have already taken the Obedience for the family dog course with us.

Read more about the Advanced obedience course on the course page.

Photo (dog training hybrid) courtesy of Elamarie (license: CC0, from Pixabay)

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