Dog training school safety management

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At OhMyDog, we don’t kid around with safety:

  1. We have strict screening rules for acceptable dog behaviour for group class.
  2. We have clear, often repeated and diligently implemented policies about distance between the dogs.
  3. We have a compulsory team safety guide.
  4. Our First Aid boxes are in order and always in their standard location.
  5. The fire fighting equipment is clearly indicated and located.
  6. We have a carefully designed and rehearsed dog fight protocol (which we’ve never had to use, luckily)
  7. We ask for an ICE number for each registration
  8. We are in close contact with the local vets
  9. We have trained first aiders
  10. We thoroughly check the fields for edible objects.
  11. We really do check your vaccination booklet.

All of this can seem petty, directive, unfriendly, boring or overcautious. But we know you rely on us to provide a safe training space for you and your dog, and we take that responsibility seriously.

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