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I am happy to announce that, as of April 2019, Stephanie Neijts is officially co-running the school as partner.

I got to work very closely with Stephanie when she was completing her BSc in Animal Management, when she chose us for her internship. We worked together daily and I got a fantastic companion and sounding board during our car rides to the behaviour therapy and private training clients.

As client demand continued to flow at an unprecedented rate, it became increasingly obvious that I needed a partner to help steer the school and run its day-to-day affairs.

During her internship, Stephanie got to see the nice and less nice aspects of running the school (the mountain of administration, the stresses of small business ownership, the difficult cases).

Stephanie has a rare mix of morality AND pragmaticism. She can be effective, but humane, and she never loses sight of the ethical priorities at play in any decision we make. She is also, as I am, dedicated to giving quality advice and keeping abreast of the latest findings in the field of dog behaviour.

Stephanie is also details-oriented to just the right degree, and, on the rare occasions when our visions differ, is able to communicate this maturely and tactfully so we work towards a common ground.

After months of close collaboration, I just wasn’t ready to just let her go. As of April 2019, Stephanie is now my partner in managing the school.

I am entering into this new adventure beaming with justified optimism.

Stephanie’s role will be to help steer and manage the school, with a focus on marketing, networking and event management. She will continue to give our private training lessons (whilst I will continue to give the Behaviour Therapy sessions).

Here’s to OhMyDog 2.0!

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