Food is not love: also for dogs

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This lady’s journey to help her foster dog lose weight is awe-inspiring. The target was huge (50 kilos!), but, as with behaviour modification goals, she broke it up into tiny little steps.

There is a controversial aspect of using food in training, and that is the risk of contributing to obesity in the dogs. The last thing we want is to have a horde of (rightly) furious vets on our case.

This is why, at OhMyDog, we are constantly reminding dog handlers to reduce the dog’s food intake by the amount of food they’ve given through training, and to, where possible, use the dog’s normal diet as training treats (rather than extra snacks).

Canine obesity is a burden on the dog’s quality of life, and we are the ones with the keys to the pantry door.

For dogs as for humans, food is not love, people, food is not love.

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Obese dog: Downloaded on 12 Apr 2019. Courtesy of Lauren. License: CC BY 2.0

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