Pexion: a drug to help your pet through Dutch New Year’s Eve

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A study recently came out (September 2019) testing the effect of Pexion on fireworks phobia in dogs. The results are extremely promising.

Pexion is a drug that is normally used to treat a form of epilepsy in dogs. In recent years, though, its anxiety- and fear-reducing effects have been tested on dogs with a fear of fireworks.

This is particularly important in the Netherlands, were some people turn into savages on New Years’ Eve (and in the weeks before and after…) and let off dangerous and illegal fireworks.

Ask your veterinarian if this is an option for your dog. Ask now, as this might need to be tested.

Do not just rely on medication, though, and combine this with a behavioural intervention. If your pet hates fireworks, get in touch with us ( so we can book a session with you.

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