The surprising advantages of a puppy class on-line

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Are you curious about the pros and cons of a puppy class on-line? Check out our infographic. You might be surprised by things like:

  • On-line puppy classes are actually ideal for pups who get easily overwhelmed or over-excited.
  • The puppy classes on the field also keep puppies apart as much as possible. This is because the lessons are not designed for dog-on-dog socialisation. They are designed to give you the necessary insights to do this, through the week, in a responsible way. 
  • Whether you are on-line or on the field, the instructor answers your questions directly during the lesson, no problem. 
  • With the on-line lessons, you are entitled to take-home material like step-by-step hand-outs and video examples. 
  • You get personal feedback on your training your own pup regardless of whether you follow the lessons on-line or on the field. The on-line feedback is on the basis of video files you send of your exercises with your own pup.  

EN On-line puppy classes vs. on the field by OhMyDog School

If you want to read more about the on-line puppy class, you can click in this link.

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