Dog treats: It’s not about how big it is. It’s what you do with it that counts

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Blog about the effective use of treats in dog training
By zoologist and dog behaviour therapist Laure-Anne Viselé

OhMyDog is committed to providing evidence-based advice to help you train your dog. It can be tough to make the scientific consensus sound compelling, but in this case, it has never been easier! What is emerging from more and more studies? The more cheerful the trainer, the better the results!

Showing genuine cheer when praising your dog greatly increases the value of the food reward in your dog’s eyes, motivating the dog to work even harder for you.

What also increases the value of the reward tremendously? To give it to the dog in a playful way, especially if the dog gets to search for it.

So, do you want to increase your dog’s motivation when training? Then give him fewer treats, but give them more cheerfully and playfully!

My kid shows a wonderful example here.

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