Behaviour therapy terms and conditions

Thank you for considering behaviour advice or training with us. Please take a moment to read our terms of services before our first appointment.

After years of working with dogs, we have found that clear agreements make for relaxed clients, dogs and trainers, and allow us to focus on the dog more effectively.


Cancellations: Pre-paid sessions are not reimbursable. Last-minute cancellations impact us hard as we run a small business. Therefore, we charge for missed sessions if these were cancelled less than three working days before the planned appointment. Further, a maximum of 1 session per set of 4 may be re-scheduled.

Opting out: You are free to end a pre-paid package early but this entitles you to no refund.

Expiring appointments: We ask that you plan pre-paid appointments within thirty calendar days of payment – unless we agreed to delay. Failing to plan the pre-paid appointment forfeits your right to them. This gives you no recourse for compensation.

Late arrival: Should you arrive later than the appointed time, the session will not be expanded. If we caused the delay, we will of course compensate you (either with our time, or financially).


No guarantee: Dogs are living creatures and many factors influence behaviour. No self-respecting behaviourist will guarantee results. We pledge to give an evidence-based assessment, a realistic prognosis, and an animal-friendly treatment plan based on modern findings.

Liability: Our training exercises are dog-friendly, and aim to minimize hazards. We will tell you of any risks we foresee, so you are training with informed consent. Should your dog cause damage or injury to itself, others, or others’ property, however – be it in our presence or not, regardless of whether you were carrying out our training protocol at the time – we accept no liability for the consequences of your dog’s behaviour.

Data protection

Copyrights: My protocols, reports and assessments reflect years of experience, research and studies and are my sole intellectual property. Kindly, do not distribute these without my prior consent.

Confidentiality: Unless we have your explicit permission, we treat information about your identity with the strictest confidentiality except for cases of abuse, neglect, or public endangerment. In such cases, we reserve the right to report your details to the appropriate authorities.

Should we use some information about your case during one of my seminars or congresses, or in the social media, we will ensure that we share no easily identifiable information about you; except in cases where you gave me your explicit permission to do so.

You can find our full privacy statement here.

In order to proceed with your enquiry, kindly, please e-mail a confirmation that you have read these terms of services, and that you agree with them, to info@ohmydogschool.com.

Now the boring administrative stuff is over, let’s get training!