Behaviour therapy terms and conditions

Thank you for thinking of taking your private lessons or behaviour advice with us. Please take a moment to read our terms of services before our first appointment.

After years of working with dogs, we have found that clear rules of engagement make for relaxed and effective work for you and us. 



Pre-paid sessions are not reimbursable.

Missed sessions

Sessions cancelled with less than 2 working days’ notice are charged (at 70% of the session rate).

Re-scheduling sessions

A maximum of 1 session per set of 4 may be re-scheduled.

Expiring appointments

Pre-paid appointments are to be confirmed within one calendar month of the invoice date. Pre-paid sessions that have not been firmed up on time are considered expired.


No guarantee

Dogs are living creatures and many factors influence their behaviour, so no self-respecting behaviourist guarantees results. We do pledge to give evidence-based and animal-friendly advice based on modern Best Practices.


We strive for safe and animal-friendly advice and interventions. Your dog’s behaviour does remain your own responsibility, though. At no time do we accept any liability for damage or injury caused by your dog’s behaviour, be it in our presence or absence.

Data protection


We have invested years of study, research and experience in our documentation (protocols, reports, etc.). Our documentation remains our full intellectual property. Kindly, do not distribute our written material without explicit permission.

Case information and visual material

We regularly share case information and pictures during seminars, congresses, and on the social media. In doing so, we ensure that we share no easily identifiable information about you except in cases where you gave us your explicit permission to do so.

You can find our full privacy statement here.

Travel charges

We charge mileage costs outside of our catchment area. 

Our catchment area consists of: 

  • The Hague
  • Voorburg
  • Leidschendam
  • Scheveningen
  • Delft
  • Rijswijk
  • The Westland (Monster, Naaldwijk, Poeldijk, ‘s-Gravenzande, De Lier)
  • Maasland
  • Hoek van Holland

The charges are calculated as follows: 

  • €0.50 euro per km for the return journey from the behaviourist’s house (Kwintsheul, suburbs of The Hague) to your domicile, plus
  • ½ of the hourly tariff per hour of travel (calculated from the first hour)


Now the boring administrative stuff is over, let’s help your dog!


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