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We are saying goodbye to one of our trainers: Tommaso

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Today is a sad day as we are saying goodbye to one of our trainers, Tommaso. Tommaso is going to continue his European adventures in Germany and, somehow, we didn’t get him to commute every Wednesday to keep giving you his puppy class. Those of you who had him as a teacher will remember his humane and   …Continue Reading

OhMyDog theory evening on dog behaviour in The Hague

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I had a great time presenting the theory evening in The Hague last night, even though I had my puppy brains on (supervising the puppy class before the theory can be hard on ye old trainer). Thank you so much for your participation, particularly Zehra, who was our ‘French’ victim for the free-shaping game. As promised,   …Continue Reading

Vaccinations stickers for dogs at our training school

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Read this post if who are interested in the vaccinations stickers we look for when we check your dog’s vaccination book. Why vaccinations: Your dog and his classmates have exclusive use of our dog training yard in The Hague: no other dogs have access. This makes it safe for the pups who are too young to have completed their vaccination rounds, or   …Continue Reading

New class schedule is out for March 2016

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The latest class schedule is out. Our new cycle for Obedience 1 starts on Wednesday 2 March 2016. To register, click here. For the timetable in Dutch, click here.

The Hague pups socialize to kids at OhMyDog!

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We bring real-life people and situations to class at OhMyDog! so the pups can get a real-life experience, and we can coach you on how to help the pup make the right decisions, and learn to be a good canine citizen about whatever life has to throw at them. Kids are not exception, and, with   …Continue Reading