Denise and Jamie with Joy and Simba (Icelandic Sheepdogs)

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Our first lessons with Ohmydog were the obedience course. We took this last year with our Icelandic sheepdog: Simba.

Simba is our first dog, and it would be the first time we followed dog training lessons. There are so many dog training schools in the area that we didn’t know which one to pick. What made the difference was Ohmydog’s evidence-based principles: techniques that are supported by scientific research. This is an important point for me, and it demonstrates that the school doesn’t just randomly select their exercises. What they are doing works, and they can demonstrate it.

Simba was too young to join at first, but I knew that the adult course was a perfect fit for him; Laure-Anne saw this too. I have to say that Icelandic Sheepdogs are extremely smart and keen to learn. That comes hand in hand with a dog who becomes bored when not stimulated. Laure-Anne knew to keep Simba challenged at every lesson, adapting the exercise to his level each time. We are still reaping the benefits of that course; among other things, he masters waiting on command, not stealinging from the table, and coming back immediately in case of danger.

Last June our second Icelandic Sheepdog, Joy, arrived. We’d enjoyed the course with Simba so much that we didn’t need to look far for Joy’s training course. We registered her for the puppy course, this time. And this course also met our expectations!

Laure-Anne is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs and dog behaviour. She knows what she’s doing, and she bases her advice on scientific research. You learn to approach your dog in a positive way that does not reward unwanted behaviour. She has so much love and passion for her field of work. So both she, and her instructors, deserve five stars! Keep up the good work, Ohmydog. I certainly recommend your school to anyone who asks!