Liya with Tilly (Yorkshire Terrier)

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My boyfriend and I brought home a 15 week old puppy – Tilly – in June and we were very overwhelmed by the change that she brought to our household. I contacted OhMyDog! on the second day after Tilly was home and asked for the private lessons package. We received a response less than 24hrs from Stephanie, who was so kind and understanding. We had 4 private lessons with her and we loved her approach – both towards us and our puppy. Stephanie has a very calm and positive attitude, she is very observant both of the dog’s behaviour and our training techniques, she is great at correcting both owner & puppy and explains very clearly the reason for a correction and how to do the training so that the dog will understand the exercise. Stephanie has been so patient in listening and answering the hundreds of questions we asked her during our 4 lessons and countless emails, I simply can’t recommend her and OhMyDog! enough