Obedience Beyond: new Agility theme

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A new Obedience Beyond theme is starting on 10 February lessen: introduction to Agility.

Obedience Beyond is a course with various shrot themes, for dog owners who want a nice long-term hobby together with their dog, for owners who have successfully completed their Advanced Obedience classes. 

Dogs and owners get challenged with exercises from dog sports and working dog tasks.

You can register for a theme of 5 lessons, and keep registering for the following themes if you like them. The next theme (from 10 Feb to 9 Mar) is: introduction to Agility.

With Obedience Beyond, we take the medical condition and level of each dog into account, and we let family dogs discover nice new activities. 

We still have a couple of spots for the Agility theme.

Find out more here. (lessons are given bilingually in Dutch/English)

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