The RIVM has (positively) reviewed OhMyDog’s corona measures

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Written on 17 March 2020, Laure-Anne Visele

We have called the RIVM gebeld today to discuss our specific situation and have them review the measures we took to dampen the progress of the corona virus.  

Upon reviewing the specifics, they confirmed that our measures are appropriate and that there is zero risk of contamination. Our saving grace was the fact that we already implemented the 2-meter distance rule so strictly (in relation to dog-dog safety at the time).  

The RIVM stressed that people with health complaints such as cold symptoms, coughing, throat pain and fever MUST stay home We are relying on your sense of civic duty on this point.

Sharing material continues to be a risk factor, which is why we are adhering to our policy to no longer lend material. Do double-check that you have all you need to follow the class, as we can no longer lend you Kongs, Kong paste (to smear in the Kong), a toy (to test the ‘let go’), normal kibble and special treats. 

The RIVM repeated the importance of standard hygiene measures such as: washing hands, respecting social distance, sneezing on the inside of your elbow and not touching your face (especially not your mouth).

OhMyDog is relieved to hear that we are implementing the right measures, so that the outside lessons are allowed to proceed. 

Beware: The theoy lessons (inside), seminars and Obedience 3 (a.k.a. Beyond Obedience: Monday evening, 8.10pm, normally given by Laure-Anne, with current theme Agility) are cancelled until further notice. 

You can here our complete list of measures here.

Photo credit: Safety first always by Bionic teachings (license: CC BY-SA 2.0)

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