Evolution of OhMyDog’s Corona measures

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Last update: 25 March 2020 (tightening of regulations around private training and behavior therapy)

Evolution of OhMyDog’s corona measures:

  • 25 March update: We gave our first puppy class on-line and are super happy with the results! Do you have a pup and would like to follow these classes? Read more here.
  • 23 March update: The puppy classes start up again on-line (and new pups can sign up)
  • 20 March update: All group lessons, even outside, are, with our deepest regrets, cancelled effective immediately
  • 18 March update: Private lesson intakes and behaviour therapy exclusively done remotely. 
  • 17 March update: Confirmation of our safety measures by the RIVM  
  • 16 March update: OhMyDog’s strict corona-related safety measures 

OhMyDog Corona measures on 18 March

Upon explicit permission by the RIVM (with whom we have laid out our specific situation), our outside lessons are going ahead (with the exception of Beyond Obedience – also referred to as Obedience 3). The following measures will continue to be enforced and controlled:  

  1. Keep (as usual) a distance of 2 meters with other dogs/participants
  2. We will no longer lend material. Do not forget to bring the basic material listed in your registration letter! The most important being:
    1. Kong and another food-dispensing toy like a sniff mat
    2. Paste to smear in the Kong
    3. A toy (to practice ‘let go’)
    4. And enough normal kibble as well as special treats
  3. Do not (as usual) touch another person’s dog
  4. Absolutely stay home if you have these symptoms: cold symptoms, coughing, sore throat and/or fever. In doubt (e.g. someone who lives with you has symptoms), consider playing it safe and staying home. 

Internal measures: 

  • Surfaces are disinfected
  • Conversations take place outside, and at a 2-meter distance, also towards students. 
  • Standard hygiene: sneezing on the inside of your elbow, no re-use of tissues, not touching own face, hand-washing (to WHO guidelines) before/after contact with a shared surface.
  • Stay home with above-mentioned symptoms 
  • No handshakes
  • No touching the dogs

More details about our measures

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, OhMyDog has taken the following measures effective immediately (16 March 2020), and until further notice. These measures are based on information from the WHO. We are keeping an eye on the latest developments and our policy is then updated accordingly.

We have also asked the RIVM (17 March) to review our measures at length, and they confirmed, based on the details of our operations, that the risk of contamination was non-existent under our current measures. It is therefore safe to come with your dog to our dog training school – do read the measures first as we strictly enforce them!  

A general government lockdown might still come and we would of course adhere to it. Therefore we advise that you always re-check this page before leaving for the dog training school (kindly, do not call as this blocks the line for urgent behaviour cases).  


Inside group sessions

(theory lessons and seminars, without dog) These are all cancelled until further notice, effective immediately. 

One-on-one sessions

(private training and behaviour therapy)

Private training sessions will be held outside (at a suitable distance) and, the intake, should it be necessary, will be done by phone.

Behaviour advice sessions will be held by Skype. 

Outside lessons

The following outside group lessons were analysed and considered low-risk given the large distance between the dogs and other factors (*): Puppies, Obedience 1, Obedience 2 and Kind-hond.

The following outside group lessons are cancelled until further notice (they do not allow for effective hygiene measures): 

  • Obedience 3


*These lessons are considered a low-risk environment as: 

  • We have always operated a 2-meter distance rule between participants, and this has always been diligently enforced. 
  • The groups are relatively small in comparison to other dog training schools (4-6 dogs)
  • Students are not, and have never been, allowed to touch another student’s dog. 
  • These lessons are taking place outside
  • The lessons are taking place in a private, non-public field, where no other dogs are allowed 

We are taking extra measures, namely: 

  • A strict health and safety protocol for our trainers
  • No hand shakes
  • The trainers and coaches do not touch the dogs 
  • Material that you left home will not be lent out. Be sure to bring your material with you, as we will not be lending material. Please bring:  
    • A training leash (no flexi, etc.)
    • A blanket
    • TWO types of food (enough of it, please. Bring too much, rather than not enough), including one that the dog finds irresistible
    • Two to three food-dispensing toys (with smearable food to smear in it, preferably, for the Kong. Think of salmon/liver paste for dogs), such as a Kong and sniff mat. 
    • AND a toy that the dog likes to bite in (IN ADDITION to the Kong) for when we work on the ‘let go’ exercise. Please do not bring one with a squeaker in it. 

Please keep an eye on our home page for the latest developments. 

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