House rules and terms and conditions

After a few years training dogs we have found that great classes need not just a relaxed atmosphere, expert advice and enthusiastic students but it’s also smooth planning and clear agreements. With that in mind, can we please read our House rules and Terms and conditions with undivided attention so you can commit to following them on the field?

(Bold text indicates clauses that often get overlooked)

All subsequent questions to which the answer lies in the Terms and conditions or the Welcome letter will not be processed. For example:

  • “I have missed that lesson. May I please have a summary of what was done?” or
  • “I was sick for my first lesson, can I get a replacement lesson?” or
  • “Because of the weather-related cancellation during our course, my last lesson lands on an day when I am not in the country. Can I get a replacement lesson?”
  • “I thought the pups could play together every lesson during the puppy course. I am very disappointed.”

House rules

Whilst on the field:

Health and safety

  1. Kindly inform us if your dog suffers from a communicable disease or other health peculiarity before coming to class (e.g. diarrhea, fleas, mites, orthopaedic problem, etc.). We may ask you to leave your dog at home to protect your pup and other pups from a health risk. Let us know in advance to avoid the awkwardness of being sent home from class. You can always attend the lesson without dog.
  2. We expect your dog to be appropriately protected against worms, fleas and ticks.
  3. Kindly do not let your dog off-leash unless specifically instructed by staff.
  4. Dogs are not allowed inside the school buildings in relation to potential allergen exposure for the many children who use the facilities. Please, therefore, leave pooch at home for theory evenings. We absolutely want to avoid having to send you home should you bring him/her. You will be informed of such evenings in advance.
  5. Kindly, do not let your dog relieve him/herself on our field. If there is a little accident, please ensure you have your poopscoop bags with you.
  6. Please refrain from eating or smoking during class. Many of our students are (very fast) Labradors!  ;  )

Planning and organisation

  1. We give our lessons outside, and the classes go ahead under all conditions except weather alerts. We then inform you by telephone on the day. If you have not heard from us, assume the lesson is going regardless of the weather.
  2. Please plan on arriving slightly before class to buffer against unexpected delays. Late arrivals disrupt lesson flow and agitate the dogs who arrived on time. If the gate is still closed when you arrive, feel free to let the dog sniff around the parking lot (on the leash).
  3. We will only open the gate once lesson preparations are complete, to guarantee your dog’s safety.
  4. Please do not use your mobile phone during class

Animal welfare and thinking of other students

  1. Please refrain from intimidating or physically correcting the dog (e.g. leash jerking). If you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour, our Behaviour Coaches are trained to help you.
  2. Please keep a distance of at least 2 meters between the dogs. Some dogs need personal space, particularly when on-leash. This includes avoiding crowding the field’s entrance, other narrow passages, and the car park. We kindly request you leave incoming and outgoing dogs a lot of space.
  3. Aversive training material is not permitted on our field. This includes, among other things: choke collars, prong collars, and any other items designed for or used to inflict discomfort, pain or intimidation to the dog.
  4. We ask participants to treat fellow students, their dogs and staff members with courtesy and tact. No form of intimidating or rude behaviour will be tolerated, even if ‘just’ verbal. Please refrain from, for example, interacting with another student’s dog, even with good intentions. Should fellow students complain about your behaviour, we may have no choice than to expel you from the lessons. Depending on circumstances, this may entitle the expelled participant to reimbursement at OhMyDog!’s discretion.

We’re not sticklers, but we want to make sure all dogs and students feel comfortable and safe with us.

Terms and conditions

Registering for an OhMyDog! class implies that you commit to complying to the following terms and conditions:

Health and safety

  1. Only vaccinated dogs may attend our classes, this includes the kennel cough vaccination (ask your veterinarian for this non-standard additional vaccination). If you would like some background information about our vaccination policy, you can consult questions 1 and 2 of our FAQ. The e-mailing of a photo of the dog’s latest vaccination stickers (in his/her passport) is a compulsory part of our registration process.
  2. If you register far ahead of time (which we recommend as we sometimes have waiting lists), you may not yet have your dog’s vaccination records. In these cases, and if you have completed the other two Registration steps, the lack of vaccination proof does not prevent registration. We will chase you about the vaccination stickers should they still be missing the day before your dog’s first lesson.
  3. Some pups are too young to be fully vaccinated. What we look for is that the dog is on schedule for the vaccinations that he/she has had to date. If your dog has received the age-appropriate number of vaccinations, an incomplete vaccination book does not prevent registration.

Finances and Registrations

  1. Once you have signed up (form here), we will send you a welcome letter detailing the registration steps needed to book a spot (copy of vaccination stickers, confirmation of terms and conditions, payment). We work on a first-come-first-serve basis and keep the groups small. To avoid disappointment, make sure you complete the registration steps on time. This will reduce the risk that someone else claims the next available spot before you do.
    1. Students who register so long in advance that the pup has not had his first vaccination yet are temporarily exempt from the vaccination step. They can register for a definite spot without producing evidence of up-to-date vaccination. A reminder will be sent before the first lesson to produce the necessary documentation.
    2. Students who are registering for a follow-up course less than four months after their full registration (including all the completion of all 3 registration steps) for the previous course are exempt from the Vaccination and Terms and conditions step.
  2. As soon as you have registered (copy of vaccination stickers, confirmation of terms and conditions, payment), we will reserve a spot for you. From that point on, you are committing to taking the spot on the course and no course fee will be reimbursed. We keep the groups small, so your cancellation post-registration could result in the course being cancelled altogether, disappointing fellow students. Once you have registered, you implicitly agree with the administrative or logistical details we have shared with you, including the details of the lesson days/dates/times, days when the school is closed, and administrative details like our vaccination policy. Discovering, after the registration, that disagree with terms that are stated in the Terms and conditions or your Welcome letter (e.g. a detail about our vaccination policy) does not entitle you to any form of compensation.

Missed lessons

  1. Missing classes do not entitle you to a refund or replacement lessons regardless of how many classes are missed. Registering for a course commits you to the entire program. The reasons for this are: 1. We keep our groups small and you attending a lesson as an extra student could push us above our stated maximum number of dogs. 2. The alternative would be to make the waiting time longer for students on the waiting list, which we want to avoid. 3. You would get a repeat of a lesson you have already have as we operate on an iterative program.
  2. A student missing 2 classes (or more) in one cycle without informing OhMyDog! implicitly relinquishes their dog’s spot, with no recourse for compensation – financial or in the form of replacement lessons. This frees a spot for the next student on the waiting list, and avoids a situation where you are not up to speed with the other students on the course. Telling the staff on the field of a planned absence leads to potential miscommunications. Please mail this to us instead, at least two hours before the lesson.
  3. We provide no summaries, pointers or homework, also not for lessons you might miss. We hate saying no but our time budget for administration is limited. And, fair is fair: would you ask this of your ballet teacher or university lecturer?
  4. OhMyDog! reserves the right to cancel classes under certain (exceptional) circumstances like weather alerts or a closed field. You will be forewarned and you will be entitled to a replacement lesson. When registering, please plan for the possibility that the course may end 1 to 2 weeks after the originally posted date. Holidays, or other circumstance planned too close to the original end date and resulting in you missing lessons does not entitle you to reimbursement.
    1. Students of the Fun lessons who, because of a cancellation on the initiative of OhMyDog!, are unable to use their pre-paid lessons without missing lessons in a pre-booked follow-up course will, on the other hand, be reimbursed the missed Fun lessons.

Exclusions and expulsions

OhMyDog! reserves the right to deny registration based on implicit and explicit criteria, at their own discretion:

  1. The handler in charge of the dog must be at least 16 years of age or be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  2. We count on your honesty during registration in reporting known behaviour problems. Failing to disclose a known relevant behaviour problem during your registration may be grounds for expulsion, with no recourse for reimbursement. A relevant problem is any problem which will disturb the safety and/or smooth running of the class (e.g. excess barking, long-lasting over-excitement, any form of aggression to dogs/humans, fear of dogs/humans/unfamiliar places). If you share the problems with us on time (before your registration), we can give advise on the wisest route for the dog (group training vs. private training vs. behaviour therapy or a combination thereof).
  3. Your secret words for registration are: “happy dog”


  1. OhMyDog! will not be held accountable for damage or theft to yours or someone else’s dog, person, or property due to your dog’s behaviour. This condition is valid whether you are on your way to our classes, following our classes, leaving our classes and at any other moment in time. We therefore recommend an exhaustive WA-insurance. Note that most basic policies cover only one dog.


Now that the grown-up stuff is out of the way, let’s have fun with those dogs already!

Do you have a question? Please first read our FAQ‘s before writing to us. This saves us both time because it can take us two working days to react to an e-mail.