House rules and terms and conditions

Great classes relies on smooth planning and transparent house rules. Could we therefore please ask you to read this document carefully? 

(Text in bold often gets overlooked. Be sure to read it.)

House rules

Health and safety


  1. Inform us if your dog suffers from a communicable disease or other health issue before coming to class (e.g. diarrhea, fleas, mite infection, orthopedics , etc.). We may ask you to leave your dog at home and come alone for yours and other dogs’ safety. 
  2. Protect your dog against worms, fleas and ticks appropriately.
  3. Never let your dog off-leash unless specifically instructed by a staff member. This is also valid on in the parking area.
  4. Dogs are not allowed inside the buildings (in relation to allergic children). Do therefore leave your dog home for theory lessons. 
  5. Do not let your dog relieve him/herself on our field and do clean up little accidents.
  6. Do not eat or smoke on our premises, also not in the car park. Puppies eat everything. 

Planning and organisation

  1. Scheduled classes go ahead, even if the weather is inclement – unless there is a serious weather alert. Should the lessons be cancelled, we announce this on the homepage of our website. If you are in doubt whether the lesson is going ahead, kindly, check our homepage and please do not call us. We cannot pick up the phone on training days as we are either busy preparing or giving the dog training lessons.
  2. Please be on time. Tardies are hugely disruptive to the rest of the group. 
  3. Please wait until we open the gate before you come in to allow us to finish the previous lessons or field preparations.
  4. Please do not use your mobile phone during class

Animal welfare and thinking of other students

  1. Please do not verbally or physically intimidate your dog (including leash jerking). This is valid on the field, but also in the car park. If you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour, our Behaviour Coaches will be happy to help you. 
  2. Please keep a distance of at least 2 meters between your dog and other dogs. This allows the shyer dogs to also feel safe, and prevents dog fights. Please be particularly mindful of this not only on the field, but also in the car park, whilst leaving/entering/waiting, and during exercises. Curious about the reasons behind our 2-meter rule? Read this article about why on-leash greetings aren’t a great idea (in Dutch).
  3. Aversive material like choke. prong or electric collars are not permitted.
  4. Please treat other students, dogs and staff members with courtesy. We shall tolerate no form of intimidating behaviour on our field.  
  5. Please do not interact with another student’s dog. 

These rules ensure that all dogs feel safe and comfortable on our field. 

Terms and conditions

Registering with OhMyDog! commits you to adhering to the terms and conditions below:

Health and safety

  1. Vaccination: Dogs attending our classes need to be up-to-date with the standard vaccination schedule.
  2. Kennel cough: We recommend the optional kennel cough vaccine. Ask your veterinarian if this is advisable.
  3. Titers: We make an exception for adequately documented dogs (an appropriately recent titerbepaling).
    1. Vaccinations are still expected for diseases for which a titer is not possible/reliable.
    2. You might be required to produce the latest titer results on a weekly basis if your pup still has enough maternal immunity for weeks on end – and you are thus delaying your first vaccinations. Ask your veterinarian what is advisable. 

Finances and Registrations

  1. You only get a spot on our course once you have received our mail confirming that your registration is complete. For this, you will need to complete the 3 registration steps (proof of vaccination and payment, and approving the terms and conditions).
  2. Once you have reserved a spot on the course, this spot is not reimbursable. Discovering, after the registration, that information shared in our Terms and conditions or Registration letter impedes your attendance to the course does not entitle you to compensation. We therefor recommend that you read our Registration letter, course dates and terms and conditions carefully. 
  3. When you book a place on a course, you are committing yourself to a number of points. When you register, we assume that you are conscious of and comfortable with the following points: 
    1. Our Vision and methods (incl. the fact that we use food in training) 
    2. The duration/time/price/dates of the course (see table below), including days when the school is closed (see school holidays here).
    3. The entrance criteria, contents and goals of the course (click on the individual course in the table below). 


Free Trial

Free Trial

Your Text



Start your puppy's life responsibly



Start: every week

Wed 7.20pm



Teach your dog to listen reliably




15 Apr 2020

Wed 8.10pm



Fine-tune your dog's obedience




20 Apr 2020

Mon 7.10pm



Keep your dog challenged in the long-term



Start: every 5 weeks

Next: 30 Mar 2020

Mon 8.10pm

Choosing to end the course early because of one of the above-mentioned previously-known points once you have registered does not entitle you to a compensation. We do of course appreciate your feedback on these points so that we can keep improving our services. 

Missed lessons

  1. Missing classes do not entitle you to a refund or catch-up lessons, regardless of the number of missed lessons. 
  2. Please inform us that you will miss class by e-mail, at least 2 hours in advance
  3. We send no summaries, pointers or homework – even if you have missed a lesson. We are a tiny company and already work all the hours under the sun. And, fair’s fair: would you really ask this to your ballet instructor or university lecturer? 
  4. OhMyDog! reserves the right to cancel classes under certain (exceptional) circumstances. You will then be informed and you will get a replacement lesson. When planning for the course, plan for the course ending 1 to 2 weeks after the originally planned end date. A planning mismatch due to a delayed end date does not entitle you to reimbursement. We will, of course, endeavour to keep changes to a minimum. 
    1. Students of the Fun lessons who, because of a cancellation on the initiative of OhMyDog!, are unable to use their pre-paid lessons without missing lessons in a pre-booked follow-up course will, on the other hand, be reimbursed the missed Fun lesson(s).

Exclusions and expulsions

OhMyDog! reserves the right to deny registration based on implicit and explicit criteria, at their own discretion. The list below is not exhaustive:

  1. Minors: The dog’s handler (the person holding the leash and doing the exercises) needs to be minimal 16 years of age. OhMyDog reserves the right to determine whether younger handlers can be considered for participation. If you would like for your kids to be involved with raising your dog, we have a course (in Dutch) designed for children: kind-hond. You can follow this course after the puppy class. 
  2. Failing to disclose a known relevant behaviour problem before registration may be grounds for expulsion, with no recourse for reimbursement. This concerns problems which would disturb the good order and safety of the class, or your dog’s welfare. Examples are: 
    1. Extreme over-excitement and/or extreme barking
    2. Aggression, including growling, staring, and lunging (directed at people or dogs)
    3. Fear of unfamiliar dogs/people/locations.
  3. Your secret phrase for your registration is: “happy dog”


  1. OhMyDog! will not be held accountable for damage or theft to yourself, your child, your own dog or someone else’s dog, person, or property due to your own, your child’s of your dog’s behaviour. This condition is valid whether you are on your way to our classes, following our classes, leaving our classes and at any other moment in time. We therefore recommend an exhaustive WA-insurance. Note that most basic policies cover only one dog.


  1. You can read our complete privacy statement here.
  2. We often photograph and film the lessons. We try to avoid your face but, for pictures from which you can be recognized, we always ask your explicit permission before we release it on the internet. 
  3. Please do not take pictures of, or film the lessons yourselves.

Fun class

  1. You get to decide the date of your Fun lessons yourself (during the registration process). These lessons do not have to be grouped (you may, for example, want to come every other week).
  2. No more than 1 lesson out of 5 reserved lessons may be cancelled at no cost. You then get a replacement lesson on that date of your choice. The replacement lesson must be scheduled 1 month after the cancelled lesson at the latest. Thereafter, the lesson is considered expired.  
  3. Cancellations should be communicated by mail, minimum 48 hours in advance (to admin@ohmydogschool.com). Cancelled lessons which fail to adhere to these conditions will unfortunately be considered void. 
  4. If you must miss a Fun class because of a cancellation by OhMyDog, you can choose between a replacement lesson or reimbursement for that lesson. 


Now that the grown-up stuff is out of the way, let’s have fun with the dogs already!

Do you have a question? Please first read our FAQ‘s . You can also send us an e-mail.