House rules and terms and conditions

Great classes relies on smooth planning and transparent house rules. Could we therefore please ask you to read this document carefully? 

(Text in bold often gets overlooked. Be sure to read it.)

House rules

Health and safety

  1. Please inform us if your dog suffers from a communicable disease or other health issue before coming to class (e.g. diarrhea, fleas, mite infection, orthopedics , etc.). We will then give our recommendation about whether attending the lesson is sensible. If you are in doubt,  you can always come without dog.  
  2. Please protect your dog against worms, fleas and ticks appropriately.
  3. Never let your dog off-leash unless specifically instructed by a staff member. This is also valid in the parking lot.
  4. Do not let your dog relieve him/herself on our field. Be sure to let them relieve themselves before you come to the lessons. If you have a little accident on our field, please clean it up.
  5. Do not eat or smoke on our premises, also not in the car park. Puppies (and Labradors!) eat everything. 

Special rules and conditions during Corona

Our classes follow the government’s Corona regulations, therefore: 

  1. Should the government tighten up the lockdown again, your lessons might be postponed (possibly in the long-term). This does not entitle you to compensation.
  2. Should the government tighten up the lockdown again, some or all of your lessons might be continued on-line. This does not entitle you to compensation.

Corona measures on the field:

  1. 1 person per dog
  2. Please wait for your lesson in the car or at a distance, not in the parking lot
  3. Please leave your underaged children home
  4. Please go home immediately after your lesson. Do not stay on or around the field.
  5. Please ask your partner to refrain from following the class from over the fence. This can create groups.
  6. Please keep 2 meters away from other people (also in the car park, also at the entrance, also at the exit)
  7. Please ensure you have everything you need for the lesson. We are limiting the lending out material. 
  8. Please stay at home if you have symptoms and follow the government’s quarantine instructions.
  9. If we have to train indoors (e.g. unforeseen extreme weather), the proper use (nose and mouth fully covered) of mouth masks is mandatory

Planning and organisation

  1. The lessons go ahead under all weather conditions except extreme weather; so even if it rains or is a little windy or a little cold. 
    1. Lesson cancellations because of extreme weather:
      1. Cancellations are announced centrally – via our planning page. Do not count on each receiving an individual mail announcing this, especially if we had to take the decision at the last minute. Before you leave for the school, ALWAYS check our website to see if the lessons are going ahead. We absolutely want to avoid you having to come for nothing and wait in front of a closed gate. 
      2. If you are in doubt whether the lessons are going ahead, please do not each call / mail us individually to check. Please check the website. As a small local business, we simply do not have the personnel to announce a mass cancellation to each student individually.  
      3. If we are forced to cancel a lesson, you are of course entitled to a replacement lesson. Take this into account in your planning and do not plan anything too soon after the original end date of your course! Your course will very likely end later than the original end date. Missing a lesson because you had relied on the course ending exactly on the planned end date and therefore double-booked yourself does not, unfortunately, entitle you to a compensation
  2. Some outside lessons which we have to cancel due to extreme weather may be given on-line instead (at the same time, with the same lesson content).
    1. You will get the necessary access details by e-mail if your lesson falls in that category. 
    2. A preference for in-person over on-line lessons does not entitle you to compensation. Do be aware therefore, before you register with us, that some of your lessons may have to be given on-line (due to extreme weather). We absolutely strive to keeping this to a minimum. Please be on time. Tardies make the dogs nervous and disrupt the lesson for the rest of the group. 
  1. Please do not use your mobile phone during class
  2. We do not have access to the field a couple of times per years. To ensure continuity in your lessons, we can then give our classes from an alternative location (near our standard field). You will be informed on time if this applies to you. 

Animal welfare and thinking of our staff and of other students

  1. Please do not verbally or physically intimidate your dog (e.g. leash jerking). This is valid on the field, but also in the car park. If you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour, our Behaviour Coaches will be happy to help you. 
  2. Please keep a distance of at least 2 meters between your dog and other dogs.
    1. This allows the shyer dogs to also feel safe and prevents dog fights.
    2. Please be particularly mindful of this not only on the field, but also in the car park, whilst leaving/entering/waiting, and during exercises.
    3. Curious about the reasons behind our 2-meter rule? Read this article about why on-leash greetings aren’t a great idea (in Dutch).
  3. Aversive material like choke, prong or electric collars is not permitted.
  4. Please treat other students, dogs and staff members with courtesy. We shall tolerate no form of intimidating behaviour on our field.  
  5. Please do not interact with another student’s dog, even with their permission
  6. Please mail us 1 day in advance at the very latest if your dog is in heat. We can then tell you if we advise that you come without dog. This is dependent on the composition of the group.  

These rules ensure that all dogs feel safe and comfortable on our field. 

Terms and conditions

Registering with OhMyDog! commits you to adhering to the terms and conditions below:

Health and safety

  1. Vaccination: Dogs attending our classes need to be up-to-date with the standard vaccination schedule.
  2. Kennel cough: We recommend the optional kennel cough vaccine. Ask your veterinarian if this is advisable.
  3. Titers: We make an exception for adequately documented dogs (an appropriately recent titer declaration).
    1. Vaccinations are still expected for diseases for which a titer is not possible/reliable.
    2. You might be required to produce your dog’s latest titer results on a weekly basis if your pup still has enough maternal immunity for weeks on end – and you are thus delaying your first vaccinations. Ask your veterinarian what is advisable. 

Finances and Registrations

  1. You only get a spot on our course once you have received our mail confirming that your registration is complete. For this, you will need to complete the 3 registration steps (proof of vaccination and payment, and approving the terms and conditions).
  2. A definite spot is not reimbursable. Booking a spot commits you to a course and its conditions, including: 
    1. Our Vision and methods (incl. the fact that we use food in training) 
    2. The duration/time/price/dates of the course (see table below), including days when the school is closed (see school holidays here) and taking into account the strong possibility that the course will end 1-2 weeks after the originally planned end date due to weather-related cancellations.
    3. The entrance criteria (including that your dog ought to be temperamentally suited for a group course), contents and goals of the course (click on the individual course in this page). 

Selecting to discontinue your course for one of the above-mentioned reasons does not, unfortunately, entitles you to compensation.  

Missed lessons

  1. Just like a gym membership or ballet lessons, missing classes does not entitle you to a refund or a catch-up lesson. Requests for a catch-up lesson will not be taken into consideration. 
  2. Please inform us of your absence e-mail, 2 hours in advance at the latest
  3. We are not in the position to send students who have had to miss one or more lessons any form of personalised tips, homework or a summary of the lesson. As two-person business, we lack the administrative capacity to offer this extra service for each student who misses a lesson. We operate like a university or a sport school: a missed lesson is, unfortunately, missed. Such requests will, unfortunately, not be processed.    

Underaged participants and children

  1. Children from the age of 13 years are welcome to accompany you to the field provided they do not disturb you, the dog or the lesson in general.  Except during periods where we are imposing a maximum number of participants per dog due to corona rules (not applying in the the child-dog course, naturally). Please leave your children home, even if they are 13 or older, in these periods.. Why aren’t children under 13 years allowed?  Because the course is focused on giving your puppy the best start in life. This means bits of theory and sometimes challenging exercises. We have not designed the course for the attendance of young children. We recommend you prioritise a solid start and, when you start seeing results, you teach the kids ot follow suit at home. 
  2. Please do not come unannounced with your kid (under 13 years). Our personnel could be obliged to send you home. These situations are extremely uncomfortable for all parties involved and we absolutely want to avoid them. 
  3. The instructor will determine the degree of involvement of your child (over 13 years). If your kid is accompanying you, do ensure therefore that you are holding the lead at all times except when the instructor has explicitly given your kid the responsibility of one specific exercise.
  4. Do not let your kid enter our field with the dog on the lead. Please always hold the lead yourself when in the car park and while entering/exiting the field.  
  5. For those of you who like the idea of involving your kids in training, we have developed a course especially for children younger than 13 years. This course is designed for dogs who have successfully completed their puppy and obedience courses. 

Exclusions and expulsions

OhMyDog! reserves the right to deny registration based on implicit and explicit criteria, at their own discretion. The list below is not exhaustive:

  1. Failing to disclose a behaviour problem which could get in the way of group training may be grounds for expulsion, with no recourse for reimbursement. This concerns problems which would threaten the good order and safety of the lessons and/or your dog’s welfare. Examples are: 
    1. Extreme over-excitement and/or extremely frequent barking
    2. Aggression, including growling, staring, and lunging (directed at people or dogs)
    3. Fear of unfamiliar dogs/people/locations.
  2. Your secret phrase for your registration is: “happy dog”


  1. OhMyDog! will not be held accountable for damage or theft to yourself, your child, your own dog or someone else’s dog, person, or property due to your own, your child’s of your dog’s behaviour. This condition is valid whether you are on your way to our classes, following our classes, leaving our classes and at any other moment in time. We therefore recommend an exhaustive WA-insurance. Note that most basic policies cover only one dog.


  1. You can read our complete privacy statement here.
  2. We often photograph and film the lessons. We try to avoid your face but, for pictures from which you can be recognized, we always ask your explicit permission before we release it on the internet. 
  3. Please neither take pictures nor film the lessons.


Now that the grown-up stuff is out of the way, let’s have fun with the dogs already!

Do you have a question? Please first read our FAQ‘s . You can also send us an e-mail.