House rules and terms and conditions

For a smooth course, we need to have clear rules of engagement with each other. Please read the text below to avoid awkward moments and misunderstandings later.

What are the criteria for my dog to join a group course?

  1. Your dog is up-to-date on their vaccination schedule (see here)
  2. Dogs with a valid titer are also allowed, but vaccination is still compulsory for diseases that cannot be titered for. 
  3. Your dog must be appropriately protected against parasites (worms, fleas, ticks).

Is the course a good match for me?

  1. Once you have sent the final registration steps for a course, you are indicating your knowledge of:
    1. Our methods and vision (e.g. we use food rewards, and do not follow dominance-inspired techniques).
    2. The contents of the course (click here for more details).
  2. Be honest about any suspicion you might have that your dog might show aggression, fear, frustration, extreme excitement in a group class. We will then look into the best service for you. 

Can my children come with me?

  1. Children from the age of 12 are welcome to accompany you, provided they neither disturb the lesson, nor distract the dog(s). 
  2. Children must always be accompanied by an adult (18+ years) in relation to liability. The adult always holds the lead (unless explicitly agreed by the instructor)
  3. We have developed a course for kids and dogs for children below 12 years old. 

When am I guaranteed a spot?

  1. Your spot is firmly reserved for you from the moment we send you an official confirmation mail. 
  2. You will receive this e-mail after you have sent us the registration steps you will find in the registration letter we will e-mail you. 

Which Corona measures should the students follow?

  1. Your course might be postponed or continued on-line in case of a new lockdown. This does not entitle you to reimbursement, nor to postponing your lessons (in case the lessons are on-line)
  2. Sensible measures are in effect during our lessons:
    1. Do please keep a sensible distance to our staff and your fellow students 
    2. Please come with maximum 2 people per dog.
    3. Please follow the government’s quarantine, testing and isolation guidelines.

What if I have missed a lesson?

  1. It is not possible to get a catch-up lesson, nor a refund, for missed lessons.
  2. We are, unfortunately, not at liberty to send you a summary of a missed lesson. Do not hesitate to ask your instructor what you have missed during your next lesson. 
  3. Please cancel in writing (e-mail), minimum 2 hours in advance. 

What if my dog is in heat?

  1. Please mail us (preferably 24 hours in advance) so that we can discuss options. 

What if my dog is sick?

  1. If your dog is sick or has a relevant health complaint (e.g. diarrhoea, medication, operation, etc.), please mail us – preferably the day before – and please come without dog. This way, you do not miss the lesson and you can practise at home.
  2. If you come with a sick dog at the gate, we might send you back home. 

What are the rules on the training field (and in the parking lot)?

  1. Your dog must be on-lead at all times unless specifically requested by your instructor. 
  2. Do not let your dog relieve themselves on our field or in our parking lot. Should your dog still have a little accident, please clean this up and dispose of the offending item in a bin.
  3. It is not permitted to smoke, eat or use your mobile phone during the lessons. 
  4. Arrive on time. 
  5. Please wait outside the gate at the entrance (on our parking lot) until we let you in. 
  6. Maximum 3 persons per dog

What happens with bad weather? 

  1. The lessons take place outside, and will also be given in bad weather (rain, wind, etc.). 
  2. Communications about lesson cancellations (e.g. due to extreme weather event):
    1. Please do not call or mail us to check.
    2. Cancellations are announced centrally, through de website and through WhatsApp.
      1. During the registration process, you get added to a WhatsApp groep which gets used exclusively for this purpose (you will not get spammed).
      2. If you do not want to join a WhatsApp group, then check every single time, before you leave for the school, on our website (here).
  3. Consequences of cancelled lessons:
    1. Your course can end later than the original announced end date. Take this into account when planning this course in your schedule. 
    2. Some lessons can be given on-line to avoid long delays in your course. We try to keep this to a minimum. If you dislike the idea of having to follow some lessons on-line, please do not register. 

Planning and organisation

  1. The lessons are going ahead through most official school holidays. You can find the dates at which the school is closed here.
  2. We occasionally do not have access to our field. We will then give our lessons from an alternative location (close to our usual location). You will receive the necessary details in time, by e-mail, should it apply to you.

How do I get in touch with OhMyDog?

  1. Kindly, please e-mail us (including for cancellations)
  2. Please do not send WhatsApps or SMS’s. This telephone is only used for outgoing group communications and incoming telephone calls. Messages (incl. voicemails) do not get processed. 

Animal welfare and human comfort

  1. Are you nicely ontime? Do not wait on our parking lot and walk around with your dog, letting them sniff around. This avoids pent-up energy and frustration by the time the dog does start their lesson. 
  2. Refrain from intimidating your dog on our field and in our parking lot. This includes, but is not limited to, raising your voice or jerking on the lead. We will help you with alternative ways of steering your dog. 
  3. Keep minimum 2 meters’ distance between dogs. Are you curious why that is? You can read more about it here.
  4. Aversive material such as choke chains, prong collars, and electric shock collars are not permitted. 
  5. Please treat other students, their dogs, and our staff, with respect. We will tolerate no form of intimidating behaviour. 
  6. Please do not touch the dog of another student.

Exclusion for behavioural reasons and departure

  1. In the event that you should have withheld a behaviour problem, we reserve the right to exclude your dog from the group course. This gives you no recourse for reimbursement. In doubt:
    1. Check our course selector
    2. Are you still not sure? Mail us. We can, in some cases, organise a trial lesson to limit the financial risk for you. 
  2. Deciding yourself to discontinuing your course does not entitle you to compensation.
  3. For our administrative game, the secret words are ‘happy dog’


OhMyDog! is not liable for any form of damage, loss or injury caused by yourself, your child, or your dog to any person, animal or material. This is valid on the way to and from the training school, while waiting for your lessons, or when you are executing one of our exercises. OhMyDog! recommends a good WA-insurance (check how many dogs are covered if you have more than one dog).


  1. You can read our privacy statement here.
  2. We can take pictures or film the lessons. In doing so, we do our best to avoid shooting faces. Should illustration material be made where your face is visible, we always ask you for permission before using this. 
  3. It is not allowed for students themselves to take foto’s or film the lessons.


Do you have a question?

  1. Please read our FAQ’s.
  2. You cannot find an answer there? Send us an e-mail.